A Space to Create Almost Anything
Crane’s new Design and Engineering Center (DEC) is dedicated to engineering, design, robotics, and creativity.  This new 2,000 square foot facility boasts high ceilings and skylights which fill it with natural light. Three sets of french doors, and a garage door, open the space to an outdoor work-deck. Next to the outdoor deck is Crane’s 100 year old Oak Tree whose branches shade the school’s outdoor amphitheater.  
The DEC has an open, flexible floor plan which can be used as a makerspace or as three separate classrooms.   There is a woodworking area with woodworking tools including table, band and chop saws for large construction projects. These tools can be moved to the outdoor decking via a large bay door. There will be a metal working area with a mill, lathe, and grinding belt. A soldering area with many soldering irons. And a sewing area with two sewing machines. The open floor plan can turn into a robotics workspace and competition arena for robotics design, development and competition practice.  A separate technology room houses a laser cutter as well as a row of 3-D printers.  The DEC is stocked with supplies and tools for a wide range of robotics, creative exploration, and design projects.  Ample display space is available both on the walls and from the ceilings. 
Supporting the facility is our Director of Engineering and our Engineering Teacher who have developed curriculum and projects which incorporate design, engineering, and technology in a STEAM project based exploratory program.  Students from all grades will have an engineering class, or participate in class projects, in the DEC space.