Being Green is a team effort

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The mission of the Green Committee is to promote environmental awareness on campus and within the larger community.  The Committee works to put in place sustainable practices in the daily life of the school and educate the students, staffulty and parents about green issues.  The Committee began as an ad hoc group that reported to the Board and has since become a free standing Committee of Parents for Crane. The Committee has two Chairs (known as the "Green Team"), a Green Community Chair and an Organic Chair, who work together to promote the Committee’s mission along with a host of student, parent and staffulty volunteers.

The "Green Team" is responsible for:

  • Waste Free Lunch Program- The Green Committee supports parents and students in learning what a waste free lunch is and how to organize one.
  • Organic Fruit on Campus Program- The Green Committee supervises the ordering of organic fruit and the cleaning of the fruit for the Crane community each week.
  • Green Hospitality Items for Crane Events- The Green Committee supports and provides compostable plant based hospitality items to be used at all Parents for Crane events and other school functions.
  • Reduce/Recycle/Compost Program- The Green Team works to educate and promote the Crane community about how best to reuse, recycle and compost all refuse.
  • Water Filling Stations on Campus - The Green Committee installed filtered water filling stations on campus as an alternative to plastic water bottles. 
  • Parent Education Program- The Green Committee invites a speaker well versed in green topics to present to the parents on green topics.
  • Student Education Program- The Green Committee organizes one assembly a year focusing on current environmental situation and what the students can do to be greener.
  • Green Tips Program- Tips for living a greener life are placed in the weekly Crane newsletter: the Horizon.
  • Green Consultation- The Committee provides ongoing consultation to the Hot Lunch Chair, Crane Country Day Fair Chairs, and the Auction Chairs on how to sustain green elements in their program or how to produce a greener event.
  • Green Liaison with Staffulty- The Green Committee works, when appropriate, with Crane Staffulty around a specific project or curricula lesson.
  • Future Green Initiatives Program- The Green Committee works to develop a list of future green goals and works with Crane administration on developing the feasibility of these plans.