embracing the technologies of today and tomorrow

The Crane approach to technology is thoughtful, developmentally appropriate, and forward thinking.  Access to technology allows Crane students and teachers to take an already rich curriculum filled with class discussions, hands-on learning, public speaking opportunities, library books, and collaborative projects, and make it even stronger.  Students in First-Eighth Grades have a regular technology class focused on building fundamental technology skills providing Crane graduates with an even stronger foundation for their future success.

Technology Program by Grade

Crane’s youngest students have only limited access to technology because their programmatic focus is on the primary skills such as reading, relationships, and integration with the rest of the campus.

First and Second Grade
Each classroom is supplied with a dozen iPads giving them a platform that takes advantage of a great many educational apps, gives controlled access to the internet, and gives students an even greater voice and choice in their learning path.

Third Grade
The Third Grade has a one-to-one iPad program with a shared iPad cart in the clasroom. This allows each student to work at their own pace with the powerful education apps that are selected by their teacher.

Fourth and Fifth Grade
As the expectation of writing, research, and presentation skills increase Fourth and Fifth Grade students benefit from more frequent access to technology. They benefit from a two-to-one program (one laptop for every two students) in the form of a shared laptop cart.

Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades
Upper School students have a one-to-one laptop program. Individual access to a laptop throughout the day and at home allows students to be even more active and engaged in the classroom and provides opportunities to collaborate with peers and work on advanced software programs beyond school hours.