honoring the past...looking toward the future

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As an 87 year old school we have accumulated many traditions. Although we revel in our traditions we are not afraid to venture into uncharted territory embracing innovative programs and teaching methods. The intentional balance of tradition and innovation is one of things that makes Crane work.

Our traditions build our sense of community and provide a predictability and constancy that our students find comforting. Some of our traditions have carried through since the schools inception in 1928 such as daily assembly and the Eighth Grade current event presentations and many started as innovations eventually becoming essential components of our program such as Crane families, singing “happy birthday” in daily assembly, the Upper School day of service, Lower School Spring Study Week, Music Hour, the Thanksgiving Feast, the seventh grade QED project, and the Upper School xylophone ensemble: Vibes.

At Crane, innovations emerge both organically and by design. Hands-on learning opportunities permeate the program such as the cross-curricular integration of the Seventh Grade towers project co-instructed by our science and art teachers incorporating the mathematical and scientific elements of building as well as the artistic and aesthetic elements of architecture.