What Would YOU Like to Learn

Choice is the theme of Crane's Upper School Elective Program. If you peek into an upper-school classroom on any given day, you will get a glimpse of our powerful academic program.  However, if it happens to be an E-Day afternoon, you will also experience a level of added excitement as our students explore their interests through our elective program.

Crane's elective program integrates experiential learning and choice. These classes go beyond text book learning and allow students to delve into a topic with active hands-on exploration, interaction with professional experts, and multiple field trips. Students have a choice of three different electives per year.  Here is a sample of the wide-range of selections offered each semester:

Yoga and Meditation – Students practice living in the moment as they slow down, quiet their minds, focus on their breathing, and stretch their muscles.
The World of Water – Students celebrate the water surrounding us by examining water science in the lab and enjoying water activities at the beach.
Let’s Build – Students learn about different architectural styles both locally and globally and build replica creations of their own designs.
The Sporting Life – Students celebrate the fact that sports occupy an important place in society as they delve into the wide world of athletic competition.
Build a Bakery – Students study the keys to a successful business, experiment with recipes, look at food trends, and bake for a cause.
At First Sight: Looking through the Lens – Students leap into the adventures of photographic storytelling as they share their perspectives through images.
Making by Breaking – Students tinker as they take things apart, put them back together, figure out how to fix them, and use the parts for other things.
The Story Tellers – Students explore the power of stories through traditions such as song, dance, comedy, mime, costumes, poetry, juggling, and magic.
Coding and Programming – Students learn the basics of coding, learn about designing video games, and learn how operating systems work.
Farm-to-Table:Growing and Preparing Local Foods – Students engage in gardening and farming as they explore the Slow Food Movement.

All electives are filled with exploration, inquiry, discovery, and fun!