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Crane's Service Learning program is designed to engage students by providing opportunities to care for each other and the world around them. Students are encouraged to pursue causes about which they are passionate, empowering them to make a difference both locally and globally.

In the Lower School (Grades K-5), service learning is built into the social studies curriculum through identifying issues affecting the world today and figuring out how the students can be a part of the solution. Within a unit of study, students participate in service projects as an extension to what they've learned in class.

In the Upper School (Grades 6-8), service learning fosters a sense of civic responsibility and care for the common good. Sixth graders participate in service learning in their seminar class. As they reflect on the connection between self and community, the students receive a foundation for the service work they will do as seventh and eighth graders. As seventh and eighth graders, students work on both direct and indirect service learning projects in a designated semester long course that allows students to understand issues, research organizations, collaborate efforts, volunteer off-campus, and reflect not only on the process, but how their involvement relates to the common good.