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The Lejeune & Crane Society was established in 2005 to recognize and honor individuals who have expressed their intention to leave a legacy gift to Crane Country Day School. The namesake commemorates F. Arnold Lejeune, Crane’s first headmaster, whose passion for teaching kept him in the classroom until he was 75 years old.

Like Mr. Lejeune, members of the Lejeune & Crane Society share a passion for education and Crane’s future. Many of Crane’s closest and most generous friends have included the school in their will in the form of bequests, life insurance, real estate, trusts, and/or annuities. Regardless of size, these gifts are a critically important component in providing for future generations of Crane students.

If you, with the help of your financial advisor, are considering Crane in your plans, please contact Debbie Williams (805) 969-7732 x105 or dwilliams@ cheap college basketball jerseys